Our Safety Zone Calf Catcher is the
BEST Partner you can have at Calving Time!
Making Every Calving Season, a Better One!
The cage safely guards the cattlemen from the often protective mother cow when handling the calf. The cow can smell and see the calf through the cage, and the cowman remains safe at all times. The calf catcher is made of very high quality, all welded construction. It has been tested and proven over multiple terrains and weather-related challenges such as hills, rocks, holes, mud and snow. This catcher can be mounted to any ATV (400 cc or larger recommended) or UTV (Side x Side). It is durably built with a walk through opening to cage. Calf holder/carrier is standard and a popular feature that enables easier calf handling and transportation.
Calf Holder/Carrier
This feature is standard on every unit and very beneficial for tagging, vaccinations, tattooing, weighing and banding. It securely restrains the calf permitting one person to safely proceed with the mother closely watching. It is also very useful when calf needs to be moved to another location as necessary to warm calf or to move to another pasture with its dam trailing behind. The cow will follow because she can see, hear and smell the calf. The calf holder/carrier makes it easy to handle the calf in a stand-up position as compared to typically wrestling the calf on the ground or near a vehicle while watching out for the protective mother. Importantly, the back gate can be safely opened from inside the cage, and the calf is reunited with its mother.
EASY Mounting onto your ATV or UTV
The calf catcher is very easy to attach or remove with ball hitches on located both front and back. The front hitch and support arm swings out to let the ATV or UTV be driven away after unhooked with the jack stand extended down to support the calf catcher. This also aids with the mount and dismount process to minimize any lifting. The entire process of either mounting or dismounting takes only a couple of minutes, and it is simple and easy. When attached, the unit is stable in its attachment and yet remains flexible, with the ball hitchers, to travel easy over uneven ground, hills and ditches.
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